Client Testimonials

The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. I have found them to be prompt (and we all know what a treat that is after so much waiting for […]. The staff are courteous, cooperative helpful and very pleasant with the patients. I have been MOST impressed with all of my experiences with them. Sam, at dispatch, consistently understanding (even with last min. requests). My faith in efficiency & professionalism is restored. ........Complex Discharge Medical Unit - Surrey Memorial Hospital

The service all round is excellent. Drivers are courteous, attentive, helpful - the vehicles always immaculate, comfortable and safety requirements e.g. personal seat belts, are fully addressed. Dispatch is courteous and overall the service is safer and more reliable than any other....... Inga Kiwanis Care Center

I'd like to make special mention of the 2 gentlemen who kindly escorted and drove my mother. My mother had a cardiac MRI appointment at VGH, and was fortunate to have an incredibly friendly, personableand comedic gentleman arrive early to greet her warmly, get her off her bed and into her wheelchair, and then he even got a heated blanket to wrap around her to protect her from the cold.

He told us he loves his job and that it is his calling, and it sure shows. He is the exact type of person you want transferring patients who may not be very happy, but his positive attitude would surely rub off on most people. I rode along with my mother and enjoyed chatting with him. Please do thank Brian for being such a bright light for us that day. Our return trip driver was Dennis, and he picked my Mom up at the VGHcardiac MRI office and drove her back to UBC. He was also very friendly, recognized my Mom from another transfer trip he'd made, and chatted

warmly with us all the way. He, too, obviously enjoys his job and interacting with people and, in particular, patients. Please also thank Dennis for us. It has been our pleasure using SNT for 3 return trips. Everyone made an effort to ensure my Mom was comfortable, warm, and punctual. These 2 gents just deserved special mention as I was there for the rides and enjoyed them because they tried to inject humour and warmth into the days of patients and any accompanying family members. Have a wonderful new year.......................Warmly, Christina

I wanted to tell you what an excellent employee [Sam] is and how relieved I was to have someone
as kind, helpful, personable, caring,respectful, courteous and professionalas as he was, especially since it was myfirst time using a wheelchair accessible vehicle, andalso because my eyesight isn'tgoodand so his excellent work/service really helped to reassure and comfort me in this time of major transitions in my life. I will likely be using your services some more before I leave this facility, and hope that if I do, I get to have him as my driver again. Anyways, I think you have a wonderful employee and I think you should hang onto him!! With much appreciation, ..............Grace

I would like to sincerely thank your company for the excellent job they provide for my mother, Maria. When I first met Sean, I was struck by how caring and compassionate he was towards his elderly customers. On Friday, my mother left her purse containing all her ID and approximately $200.00. Needless to say, she was extremely upset and distraught. I contacted the dispatcher, Trevor, and was handled in a very professional and caring manner. He immediately took charge of the
situation and tried to resolve it. Unfortunately, Sean had already finished his working day and could not be reached.Trevor assured me he would contact me the next day when Sean came in to work. At 6:45 p.m., mom answered a knock at the door and found Sean standing there! To her relief, her purse was returned intact, including the money! We cannot express our gratitude enough to Sean for going above and beyond his duties! In her state, mom may not have thanked Sean or compensated him for his thoughtfulness, but she hopes to do that in the near future. Thank you, Sean for being so thoughtful, kind and caring. You are a real asset to your company and an example what it is to be a Good Samaritan! Most sincerely and with gratitude,..........................Luciana

Since we began using [your service] - it has opened up the world to our ALS Society patient members. Now I can confidently request transport for highneeds people and know that they are going to arrive at their doctors’ appointmentsand Society events on time and safely. It is such a good feeling to be able to rely on [you]to assist us with such efficiency. All the patient members comment on the kindness and friendliness of your drivers. Thank you so much for providing such an efficient service. .........Lisa ALS Society of BC - Patient Services Coordinator

My son and I are full of praise for the excellent care and assistance that David and I received

On Thursday, January 27th, 2011 my son, David Chapman, and myself, were transported

by 'Hospital Transfer' for the journey from Chilliwack to an appointment at G.F. Strong in Vancouver. After the appointment we were brought back to Chilliwack. My son and I are full of praise for the excellent care and assistance that David and I received Our driver on the journey to Vancouver was 'Jo-ann' and our driver on the return journey was 'Danielle'. Both these ladies made, what can be an almost harrowing journey, feel like a pleasant 'outing'.

Please extend our grateful thanks and appreciation to Jo-Ann and Danielle.  Our next appointment at G.F. Strong will be on May 27th, at 1 p.m. and we would consider ourselves most fortunate if we were to be 'escorted' either or both of these fine, competent, helpful drivers.

These very special drivers gave my son every possible consideration, even telling him in advance of any upcoming 'bumps' in the road.  Both drivers stopped to adjust David's wheelchair to give him more comfort.

Many thanks, Joan