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Hospital Transfers keeps FULL service during recent winter storms

Photograph by: Jason Payne, PNG

With record breaking snow falls in large areas of the Fraser Valley in mid January, many companies in the area decided not to open & many employees decided not to go into work - Handydart were operating on Essential Service only.

Hospital Transfers managed to maintain a Full service for transfering patients for treatment throughout the entire period - and even managed to largely maintian their punctuality. The only problem was with a patient in Agessi where they reached the address, but was unable to get the Wheelchair and Patient through the snow to access the house.

BC Patient Safety Council


Our Training & Safety Manager has recently participated in the 6 month series ol seminars at different cities throughout the Province that started last September as part of the Quality Program " Cohort 3 " with te BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

Hospital Transfers [ SN Transport Ltd ] is also pleased to be a Sponsor of the Quality Forum 2012 - " Engage, Inspire, Lead " and will also be making a Storyboard Presentaion throughout the duration of the forum that will take place in Vancouver on March 7th / 8th /9th 2012.

Transfer vehicle flee is now over 70 vehicles

With an increasing awarenss of the benefits to be had from having access to a Patients Transfer Service [ PTS ] that gives transfers first priority and has the confidence and support of front line helath care providers.

  • 2 New Dodge Caravan W/Chair Accessible vehicles
  • 2 New Ambulances
  • 6 New Accessible Mini Buses 

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