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This section is created so you can have question and answers to some common queries about our service - if you cannot find the answer - please call our Help line - 1-800-768-0044 .


What are your hours of operation ??

Regular hours are Monday through Saturday from 6.00am to Mid - Night –

Pre Booked service is available Out of Hours -

Sunday and STAT Holidays from 6.00am – Mid - Night - but a 30% premium will apply.

What area do you cover?
Throughout Brish Columbia -

We operate from the Lower Mainland [ Pemberton to Hope ] but we regularly take Patients to Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coats and the Okanagan -

We can transfer a patient anywhere within one days drive from Vancouver.

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What experience do you have?
The company was established in BC in 2003

We have been involved with Patient Transfer Services [PTS] for over 20 years and were instrumental in introducing high quality PTS in the National Health Service in the UK.

We currently have 50vehicles and approximately 100 staff.

Are your drivers Trained?
YES – we have a very comprehensive training program for all our Drivers and Assistants.

Each driver is qualified in First Aid + CPR that ranges from Emergency First Aid to Advanced Care Paramedic and includes Nurses and Residential Care Aides.

Our Training / Safety Manager participates in the training and Quality Control programs of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

Do you take the patient to the Unit/Department ?
YES - We are a “Bed to Bed” service.

We will pick up from the Ward and if the patient is going to a clinic on the 10th floor of a hospital we will escort you to the 10th floor – and pick up from there for the return trip.

How much notice is required for bookings?

Ideally we like to have all bookings made the day before, this helps make sure your vehicle will be on time, however we can accommodate Ad-Hoc bookings, but


Pre books can be made 1 day or even 2 months in advance

When should I make the booking?

As soon as the medical appointment has been made.

Pre - Booked calls are ALWAYS given priority over Ad-Hoc requests

If you book on line you will recieive an e-mail confirmation to retain in the patients file.

Can you change the return time?
YES - You can change any part of the booking.

Most people will book an estimated return time from an appointment.

When we take the patient into an appointment the driver will ask for an approximate return time and leave contact details with the reception, should your appointment continue past the booking time or if you are ready earlier, reception will call us directly. .

Am I charged if I cancel a Pre Booked transfer?
NO - Not if it is more that 45 minutes before the scheduled Pick Up time.

Then we will only charge the basic minimum local rate.

Can someone accompany the Patient in the vehicle?

YES – An escort or single family member can accompany a patient without any additional charge.

Can you stay with a Patient if needed?
YES –. Normally we would advise that if the treatment is going to take longer than 30 minutes, then we will return when they are finished.

If waiting for a period of more than [ 15 mins for a W/Chair patient or 30 mins for a Stretcher patient ] additional "Wait Time " charges will apply

Will the patient be charged ?
When booked by a Health Authority medical facility, a transfer via BC Ambulance is subject to a Ministry of Health mandated User Fee [ $80 ] if the journey is not between one acute hospital and another.

Any person on Income Assistance or MSP Premium Assistance is automatically exempt.

The same criteria apply to journeys with Hospital Transfers [ SN Transport Ltd ] except a lower fee of only $50 would be applied, in which case an invoice would be sent approximatly 3 to 4 weeks after the journey.